tutor tips

How to play fast.... slowly!

We all want to play super-fast. As strange as it may sound in fact to play faster you first need to slow down.


Give this a try:


Whilst working through a new piece of music, or even a smaller section or pattern that you are focusing on. As you play through the piece take your time to play it slowly, maybe 50% of your finally intended speed.


Now that you are playing it through slowly and steadily you have the time to now focus on each note, to focus on your timing, and to focus on good efficient technique making it easier. Once you've played this through at your slower speed 3 or 4 times increase the speed a little, maybe 10%, again focusing on what it is that makes this piece work for you. After another few times through increase the speed again by around 10%, and repeat. What's more, you can even do this over the course of a few days and before long you will comfortably be playing faster but with greater accuracy.


Now that's the way to develop your speed; simply and effectively. You can think of it as building the strongest foundation for your playing. Enjoy!